Change The Bee You Wish To See In The World
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Breeding Improved Honey Bees was originally printed in 1951, in The American Bee Journal. It is an informative and often dryly amusing introduction to the history and arts of bee breeding. "The honey bee has a definite place in our modern world. Its products of honey and wax are useful to man, although perhaps not essential to all men." Those histories and arts are, as you might expect, covered in bees.
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This hereby wins the headline award for 2015.
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I will be chuckling about this headline for some time. Well done.
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I don't usually read internet jokes out loud to the family, but this post's title was such a beautiful reversal that I was compelled to.
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Eddie Izzard is a treasure, that was wonderful (Thanks for not going the obvious Nic Cage route).

Bee keeping and raising chickens seem to be something that most of my friends talk about with tons of passion. We all live in the city and when people talk about home ownership the subject of chickens and bees inevitably comes up. Almost always. Beats buying eggs and honey, I guess? Maybe we're weird?
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No, it's been an enormous trend for about 10 years, chicken raising and, to a lesser extent, beekeeping, in the suburbs as well as cities. You're not weird. There are innumerable resources online if you want to get started!
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Queen rearing? Oh sure, and look how well that turned out!
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