With enemas like you, who needs friends?
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With enemas like you, who needs friends? Ian and Tony take a trip to Kamp Kolon, and Tony loses his marble.
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That is a remarkable story. Good post.
posted by tcobretti at 9:24 PM on March 16, 2002

It was a "cute" story at first (erm...), but in the end a great read, thanks Swell.
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This deserves to go straight into the next edition of Faber's Book of Reportage. Blogs are all very well but nothing beats properly researched, written and edited reporting. Thanks, swell.

On the negative side, it's quite convincing too...
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You're lucky that on the web you don't get the pictures.

I sat down to lunch, started skimming the colour supplement it was originally in and found the glorious double-page spread of a woman sitting there holding a basket full of, umm, gunk.

Another blog had a link to pinkboard, who provide the equipment you need to do it all yourself.
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. The price is £235.00 inclusive of postage and comes with tubing and tip; you need to provide a container.
Isn't it a bit expensive, this "home kit" pinkboard? I mean, it's a piece of plastic with a hole, a plastic bag and a tube
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"It must be just what they all needs..."
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Strangely fascinating article.
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Strangely fascinating article.
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Fascinating story, but before you book your flight to Thailand, you should really read what the National Council against Health Fraud has to say about colonic irrigation in this article.
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Great article. Disturbing but engrossing (no pun intended) at the same time. I'm doubtful of the genuine health benefits of the practice, but still... reclaiming a marble after twenty two years? Good god. I'm scared to even wonder what I'll be taking to the crematorium.
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What has me slightly freaked out is that these people poked at their poop.

I can understand why someone might think colonics could be healthy.

I can't understand why they'd want to put a colander in the toilet and sift through their shit.
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Rectum? Damn near killed 'em!

Okay, now that I've gotten that purged from my system...

This was a very entertaining article, thank you swell. I'm a little worried about the woman who found long yellow worms with a purple glaze...

Did anybody else feel an overwhelming urge to use the potty after reading this?

(and is anybody else concerned that MeFi is now the home of enema and booger links?)
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