Capturing Northern Rail, one station at a time
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Scott Willison has been diligently visiting and "collecting" train stations in Northern England on his blog Round The North We Go for the past 8 years; he first started with Merseyrail, but later expanded to include every station on the Northern Rail map. The end is finally in sight, just as Arriva takes over the Northern Rail franchise next year. (Important note: Scott is not a trainspotter.)
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Important note: Scott is not a trainspotter

The distinction between a trainspotter and a trainstationspotter is less than completely clear from the outside, but I'm sure it is important to the respective practitioners. It's actually an interesting project and the photos and descriptions are neat.
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This is just lovely. Made me feel a bit homesick, even though I'm at home.

His first trip starts at Bidston, where I saw perhaps the best thing I've ever seen in a train station: a man in an obviously homemade white satin zoot suit arguing with his Nan about a tin of carrots & peas.
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He liked my hometown, which makes me like him. Though I note that he quite sensibly arrived by bus rather than by train.
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I have to clarify that "Northern England" isn't actually a separate country but having spent a fair amount of time there I sometimes feel like it is (perhaps I was thinking about the song "Northern England" by The Wild Swans?).
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I loved this, thank you so much for posting it. (Seventeen years out of Northern Rail territory here and now festively homesick.)

He didn't have much to say about my home town, but he did have a pint in the pub where I did most of my teenage drinking, which makes me feel all warm inside.
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Train-station obsessed gay with a fondness for James Bond films, white wine, and Frasier Crane.
If that's not the perfect tweet-sized bio, I don't know what is.
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No Durham? If nothing else the view of the city when coming into the station is excellent.
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