Two phones calling in the night
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It was strangely sad, for some reason. Like two strangers met for a short distance of path in their lives because they had a common goal, and then one of them suddenly vanished, leaving the entirety of the task's weight and responsibility to the person that remained.
Kavinsky — Nightcall (Samsung Cover Cover) by D___N builds on Kavinsky — Nightcall (Samsung Cover) by Arsen Sayadyan. [Via.] posted by Wobbuffet (7 comments total) 32 users marked this as a favorite
I was just listening to Nightcall like half an hour ago..right before i was SUPPOSED to go to sleep...and then I see this post. This is exactly the rabbit hole I want to fall down right now, thanks.
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I don't understand why this is playing pure tones instead of DTMF tones like a phone keypad should.
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Presumably because there is no DTMF involved in actually sending the dialed number from a cel phone to the tower, and someone realized they could substitute much more pleasant sounds than the atonal boops of DTMF for dialing feedback.
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Pish tosh, I say! Pish tosh!
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A seasonal reminder of how pleasing the boops of DTMF were (I'm being sarcastic, btw - I have enough unpleasant electronic sounds in my life, thanks to baby toys, I prefer these Samsung sounds).
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(I favorited the previous comment purely for its educational value; not because I enjoyed it)
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But if you prefer oldskool DTMF, here's an old post for you (and the links still work). There's one link I would add to that post: Touch Tone Tunes, where you can actually play the songs on a virtual dial pad with DTMF sounds.
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