Jerry Springer: 'This might seem strange'
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Yes, that Jerry Springer: Host of the world’s least classy TV show, former mayor of Cincinnati and one-time newscaster. He tapes The Jerry Springer TV show every Monday and Tuesday in Connecticut, then on alternate Tuesdays takes his Gulfstream jet to Cincinnati, where his old friend Jene Galvin picks him up. They go over to Ludlow to record a podcast called "Tales, Tunes and Tomfoolery."

Jerry Springer launches podcast, tapings held at Ludlow coffee house: Springer’s most recent edition featured a University of Cincinnati professor who helped dismantle the Jim Crow laws of the south more than half a century ago.

Raising The Minimum Wage: Jerry Springer Podcast Episode 10

Show archive here.
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Sound interesting, I’ve been fascinated with him since I heard the This American Life episode.
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"This American Life producer Alex Blumberg tells the true story of Jerry Springer's life before he was a talk show host. It's the story of an idealistic and serious Jerry Springer, a progressive politician, and the most popular mayor ever of a certain American city. (31 minutes)
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Oh, I love this.
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I never knew that he purposely never knows what the topic of his show is going to be, nor who the guests are. He works a show blind. Now, I never cared for his show, but I find that pretty interesting.
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If the podcast does not feature "Jerr-RY, Jerr-RY, Jerr-RY" I shall be disappointed. Ok, not really.
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If the podcast does not feature "Jerr-RY, Jerr-RY, Jerr-RY" I shall be disappointed. Ok, not really.

She does discuss that in the article.
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TBH, I'm from Cincinnati and had no idea that the Jerry Springer Show was still even on the air, which made me realize how daytime television really is a mysterious unplumbed netherworld to people with steady 9-5 jobs.
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Jerry Springer used to by taped in Chicago. Anyone know when it was moved to Connecticut?

I also recently discovered, when taking a day off, that Steve Wilcos has his own talk show as well, with basically the same format as Jerry's. Steve was the stage-bouncer on Jerry's show (and former Marine and Chicago cop) who did some substitute hosting duties; that guy has had a show since 2007. You're not kidding about "unplumbed netherworlds," Strange Interlude.
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From Wikipedia, On May 19, 2009 the show recorded its last episode at WMAQ-TV's NBC Tower in Chicago, Illinois, where it had been videotaped since 1992, midway through the second season.[49] Beginning with the 2009–10 season, production was moved to the Stamford Media Center in Stamford, Connecticut. Jerry was quoted as saying he was not happy with the move, but understood the financial reasons for which it was being done, and is working to secure jobs for those on his staff who wish to move with the show.
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Stamford Media Center

The Stamford "Media Center" is really a (slightly) converted theater. There are no free standing television sets. The sets for each show filmed there have to be reconstructed after every taping like acts in a play.

NBC's Stamford Studio Has Four Shows On One Stage Down To A Science (Hartford Courant)

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