Black Culinary History Year in Review 2015
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"From culinary scholarship to crowd sourced culinary brands emerging, 2015 has given us so much to be proud of. The following is a year in review that highlights some of the best parts of the sea change we’ve seen in the world of black foodways." Chef Therese Nelson presents "Black Culinary History Year in Review 2015." Via Michael Twitty.
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Quite amazing; I like to think I track these issues, but a number of these interesting initiatives were new to me. It's been quite a year. Thanks!
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not enough love in this thread!
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"Nat Fuller’s legacy as a chef and restaurateur long before emancipation is certainly noteworthy, but his reconciliation dinner, hosted just after word of emancipation reached Charleston, is what makes him a legend.

As a way to bring the Charleston community together chef Fuller held a dinner for 80 guest where he pulled out all the stops and facilitated a sort of healing. The dinner was irrespective of race and station and was a feast meant to coax the city into a collective breath after years of war and strife."


I found Nat Fuller's Feast: The Life and Legacy of an Enslaved Cook in Charleston in a quick duckduckgo search.
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