CBT Cafe, for those who learn visually.
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CBT Cafe, for those who learn visually. I was scouting around looking for Flash tutorials and stumbled on this site. The gimmick: they don't just teach you the code/effect/design, they actually walk you through it with a narrated Quicktime movie.

Currently serving Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, Cleaner, Quicktime, EBay, and the MacOS.
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Looks like someone still has a copy of Cameraman and knows how to use it.


Damn good sfotware. I made my own training videos with it. Too bad for them it functioned so well in "free" mode that there was no need to invest the money in buying.

...or does the fact that their website has now vanished argue otherwise?
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I guess I have a sick mind... when I saw the link "CBT", my first thought was 'c**k/ball torture'. I thought this site was some kind of weird cafe. :)
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