Sweet Honey and Weak Knees: Great Music You've Never Seen
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Sometimes I see things that make me want to keep on living. As an end of the year thank you to the Metafilter community, I offer these obscure gems. The best of the web indeed.

Put a bucket on your head. You still won't be able to do this.

If you were loved by anybody as much as this man loves his accordion, you would probably be happy.

A man whose career could be ruined by evaporation.

This isn't obscure but that's because it's fucking great.

This rap has 5 views on Youtube. It deserves better. Metafilter can rescue it.

Mormon eschatology gets funky...

What? You've never seen a horse and a giraffe playing drums? You have now.

Bat Chain Puller. I... I don't know what to say.

Feeling lethargic? Not anymore.
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Most of these are not prone to pleasing at but a nibble.
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Thank you so much crazylegs! If That 1 Guy is any indication I'm going to LOVE this post.
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Yep. From start to finish loved each and every one. Now I'm from smack dab in the middle of the Osmond's era. So much so that "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll..." is a frequent earworm (sorry). How is it that I don't remember that video? Nevertheless, the choice to follow it with the palate cleanser that is the horse and giraffe playing drums was sublime.
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That one guy never fails to please.

The dude with all the glasses is one talented musician though. He had to tune all those... Most likely by ear. What a feat.
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i don't know if its the riffs or the crazy, but i love that robot motherfucker buckethead. in small doses.
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Fantastic stuff all. The Captain wins for me though. The Captain always wins :) This particular clip seems to be from French TV - I loved the caption: "bat chain pullet (van vliet)"!
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Am so ashamed. How could I have completely forgotten Capt. Beefheart these many years?
Many thanks for the reminder.
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The original of "Play That Funky Music" is good, but my favorite rendition was in the National Day celebrations in Ísafjörður — a very, VERY white town close to the Arctic circle near the summer solstice. The bands played till midnight, and the headliner's singer had a diva voice perfect for disco. And she OWNED that song.

In a town where all the boys were white.*

* The only POC I saw was a probably-Pakistani teenage girl.
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