On a lighter note...
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On a lighter note... Joe Pranevich explains why Linux 2.4 isn't *really* "late".
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"It will be released when it's ready and it will have whatever features we feel like having put in it at that time."

I'm sure that's a great comfort to all the commercial users who have been considering using Linux in their business environments; it's easy to make plans based on commitments like that, I tell you truly.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 10:39 AM on May 5, 2000

Well you have to understand that the 'goal' of most Linux developers isn't to please commercial users. Rather, the goal is to create a stable, feature rich, and bug free kernel.

When choosing an envoirnment to base your future plans on, you have to account for the positives and negatives that are associated with that product. The positives are those above, the negatives are obviously an uncontrollable feature schedule.

All this hype, and it is hype, about the 2.4 kernel series being late has been made by the tech-Media and 'industry analysts' from Gartner etc - that want to create a sense of conflict/sensationalism about something because it gets their name out there/drives page hits/ad rotations/etc.

The major distributors such as Red Hat, Caldera, and SuSe have nothing to say about this 'delay' because they understand how the development model works, and they accept that.

In short, open source software like Linux isn't driven by commercial/corprate interests, no matter how much the media would like to attempt to portray.
posted by djc at 10:51 AM on May 5, 2000

Um, Steven?

Anyone using Linux to run their business knew the ground rules going in, or had the capability of knowing them, and as has been noted ad nauseum elsewhere, if they *really need* something scheduled for 2.4, there's always 2.3 to get it from.

I'd much rather cope with "you can have it, even though it's not officially released yet" than "It'll be out next week. No, next month. Would'ja believe 2006?"
posted by baylink at 11:16 AM on May 5, 2000

I'm aiming my sarcasm at the hardcore militant "We're gonna put Microsoft and every other commercial software developer out of business in two years" types. You know the ones.

It's been said that if Satan managed to kick God out and take over Heaven, he'd have to adopt the characteristics of the Deity. To some extent that's true here. If open source software truly will replace commercially developed software (which I don't for a second believe) it will be necessary for it to adopt many of the disciplines which commercial developers take for granted: like scheduling, and commitments, and long term planning.

Although commercial software developers often fail to meet their schedules (a twice told tale) nonetheless they at least try.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 12:04 PM on May 5, 2000

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