National Bird Day
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Every January 5th, dozens of children in the United States wake up excited by the prospect of birdwatching. National Bird Day, now in its 14th year, is dedicated to the enjoying and preservation of our fine feathered friends. This year, organizers are encouraging people to take the “captive bird video pledge” and promise not to share videos of captive “pet” birds. Parents taking care of their babies
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I've seen that image #3 many times before, always captioned "Under the Mother's Wings" or some variant. But that is most definitely a male Pink Necked Green Pigeon protecting his young.
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Image #4 is not actually a mother bird either. That is a single juvenile bird, mutated to have multiple legs. You may have seen the adult bird, fully dressed and cooked, on TV during the annual Thanksgiving football game in which the Detroit Lions inevitably lose to whomever they have the unfortunate luck to play against.
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Parents taking care of their babies
for your consideration: Pied-Billed Grebe
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Just not in eastern Oregon.
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Those were great, but dozens of children?
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At least ten.
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I'm an avid birdwatcher, but I got quite a chuckle out of "dozens". Just ask the people sitting near me in this airport restaurant. Got a few strange looks.
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Taking an animal that can fly and preventing it from flying has always seemed grotesque to me. (Except, perhaps, where it's necessary to preserve a species.) Speaking out against caged birds isn't a hard sell. But, as someone who's never shared a bird video, I'm not sure telling my [Decision Maker] that I'm pledging not to share a captive bird videos makes much of a statement.

One could ask why I pay special attention to flying, and not hunting, or for that matter peeing on lots of different things. I can only plead laziness and anthropomorphism.
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I'd like to know more about that pledge. I may have unusually diligent bird-owning friends, but all three of them take incredibly good care of their birds, physically and psychologically. In fact, just watching them take care of their birds convinced me that I should never attempt to have a pet bird unless I wanted to do it the way they did.
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I think I understand the pledge.

Parrots are very emotionally attached, social creatures. Watch the Nature episode "Parrot Confidential" to see how bird rescue and sanctuary organizations are offered dozens of birds every week when their owners no longer want them or can take care of them.
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I was curious about the pledge, too, and I found this series of articles about it.
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1000% here for birb family photo #7 hang on are these changing rank live because I am here for the owls, not that I am not partial to other birbs

also how delightfully fitting that my birthday is also national birbday, I like this very much, more owls please

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OK, let's talk about #5. On the one hand: super cute birbs. On the other: look, we all knew that kid in school who lived in a house that smelled like feet, or maybe were that kid.
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It's a gorgeous picture, but I'm wondering if #1 is staged. Wouldn't a chick that young still be in a nest, not perched on a log? And that log is suspiciously photogenic. Anyone know the source, if it's a reputable wildlife photographer?
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