war on the environment part II
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war on the environment part II how many of the closed door meeting mr. cheney is refusing to discuss with GAO were related to this?
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Your war on capitalization seems to be going well! Seriously though, having lived next to a coal powered plant and a nuclear plant - I'll take nuclear.

I love this line of the article "A strict interpretation could cost utilities tens of billions of dollars to repair aging plants. "

Hmmm. Where, oh where will the utilities get this money? I'm guessing people who pay for electricity.
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war on capitalization .....rotflmao.....
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revbrian, is your point that we shouldn't do these reforms because it will cost the consumer money later? capitalism does actually work sometimes, and there are other power alternatives than coal. if coal becomes prohibitively expensive maybe people will use wind or solar... texas is now deregulated and you can choose wind power if you want, it's actually a little cheaper right now too...
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From the article: "Utility executives say that could ruin their companies. But health and environmental groups say pollution from the plants, if unchecked, could raise asthma and lung cancer death rates across the country."

Exactly. Capitalism works. Money talks ...and is no doubt the voice the Bush administration and supporters hear more clearly than any other.

Yeah. Capitalism works, and the Bush administration sure 'nuf do know how to count:

(30,000 asthmatic kids) x ($15.00/weekly allowance money) = $450,000 in potential soft money but only if we can somehow get Britney Spears on board with us.

(30 energy concerns) x (potentially $540,000 {ala Southern Co.} a pop for the GOP) = a tiny bit more than the wheezing kiddies can come up with.

"Energy giants, including Southern Co., have poured millions of dollars into Republican political campaigns and a massive lobbying effort to stop the costly lawsuits filed during Clinton's term. The chief lobbyist for a group of utilities is former Republican National Committee chairman Haley Barbour. Southern Co., a principal member of this group, contributed $540,000 to GOP organizations during the 2000 election. Thomas R. Kuhn, president of Edison Electric Institute, the utilities' trade association, was a college classmate of Bush's and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the president's 2000 election. Kuhn attended three of the eight meetings that Deputy Energy Secretary Francis S. Blake held with outside groups to discuss how the administration would proceed on enforcement, according to a department document."

Uh huh. And now we know how they will proceed on enforcement. Capitalism works.
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