...but she liked school.
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Wilma Marie Voliva Black’s obituary (1921-2015) is both a slice of American history and an unexpectedly scathing commentary that includes barbs about her philandering ex-husband and her son. The author of this memorial has particular venom for that son, David, who, according to this document, negligently superintended her decline and death at a substandard assisted living facility that he preferred to others because “the location was convenient to his work and home”. He removed life support before leaving for a special trip: "She died alone on Dec. 22 and was buried after Dave and his mistress returned from their Dec. 25 vacation trip to Oregon."

Since it seems unlikely Black wrote the document herself (given that it refers to sordid events following her death), many are wondering who did.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Yeah, I get why this is interesting but it's seeming just a bit eeeenh, staring at an unhappy family's painful situation, without any further context.... possibly would be more workable if more context emerges? -- LobsterMitten

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I'm not sure this should be posted here as this is just hearsay and a fuck you to some one.
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If this wasn't on Legacy.com I would think it was a satire, and a cruel one.
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Can you imagine being elderly yourself and still having to deal with your parents being pissed off about how you live all the time, still?
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