100 Dumbest Moments in dotcom land
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100 Dumbest Moments in dotcom land a particular favourite being.. "Candice Carpenter tells Fast Company in Feb 98, 'There isn't an Internet company in the world that's going to fail because of mistakes -- Internet companies make thousands of mistakes every week" .... quite :) (via lesser-evil)
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I'm so glad Candice is finally receiving the public ridicule she so richly deserves. (I'm married to an ex-iVillage employee. Worst-run dotcom I've ever seen. Hands-down.)
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Previously discussed here (a different url, and an old link, so no surprised it wasnt found just thought you'd want to know).
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You mean my CueCat isn't using push technology?

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Doh! I just knew something full of such comedy gold had to have been posted.... well it's worth a second glance :)
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*patiently awaits DotComGuy mention*
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Hey, check out No. 18: Some dude changed his name to "DotComGuy" and didn't leave his house for a year. Nowadays there are people who haven't gone outside for a year because they got laid off from their dotcom jobs and they're moping around the house -- I guess those people are LaidOffDotComGuys.
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My favorite:

#70: Microsoft's user-authentication service, Passport.com, shuts down after the company neglects to renew its domain-name registration. On Christmas Day 1999, a user from Nashville, Tenn., pays the $35 fee, and the site goes back online the following day.
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I wonder how much that $1.5M, uninhabitable, fire-damaged house in Silicon Valley would sell for today? Judging by my prior experience with the Bay Area housing market during a recession (1990), I'm guessing not a whole lot less.
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I personally lived through number three. This information is outdated, though. marchFIRST laid off more than 9,000 employees total by the time it declared bankruptcy in April 2001...
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Hmmm... makes my dot-com bust story not seem so bad. However, $45 million down the drain and NOT ONE THING to show for it but "launch parties," foosball, 3 empty office suites (in the same building as zdnet, incidentally), two name changes, 5 "repositioning" decisions, $8 million outright purchased hardware, and 160 way overpaid employees down to 4 people, is a pretty good story.

I'm glad I lived through it and was in the middle of it, it makes for some great stories. I saved a lot of money from the high wages, enjoyed a great work social life for about a year, and now have a much better job. It's so weird to think how much of that seemed okay and normal at the time. No wonder "the other people" out in the world thought we all were crazy.
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Certainly one of those events must have involved Courtney Pulitzer. Oy.
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I miss BBQ.com......
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Didn't we already discuss this (ten month old) article? It sure seems familiar.
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I miss BBQ.com......

BBQ.COM is on vacation! Please check back with us later! In the meantime, we highly recommend that you check out: Zappos.com - The Web's Most Popular Shoe Store!

Didn't we already discuss this (ten month old) article? It sure seems familiar.

Dude - second comment, fourth comment.
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mmm, BBQ -

Iowa BBQ
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