No.1 threat to US electric grid? squirrels.
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"This map lists all unclassified Cyber Squirrel Operations that have been released to the public that we have been able to confirm. There are many more executed ops than displayed on this map however, those ops remain classified."
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Are your nuts safe?
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Ha! I always knew Secret Squirrel was real!
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Well, they missed one in 2009 where a squirrel crossed two phases at the transformer behind my home and took out power for a good chunk of my area for a few hours.
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In my company there's a slimy and dishonest infosec guy who's successfully used fear to accumulate more and more power, and he's now a vice president despite being despised by everyone who's not senior management. This graph was circulated extensively after one of his fearmongering presentations.
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, , Barbados

Monkey shuts down island for seven hours
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They left out this one, which hit the hospital I work at in addition to the one mentioned in the article (be sure and read the first comment). It was brief and didn't disrupt things too much. There was a worse one in summer 1993, though. We had a new CEO at the hospital and someone convinced him that we could make money by running the emergency generators at times of peak demand and selling the power back to the electric company. You can probably see where this is going. There was a power outage at about 3 pm one day and the switch that was supposed to direct the emergency power back to the hospital failed due to a squirrel incursion. There was no power at all for about 15 minutes. Most critical equipment(ventilators and IV pumps, mainly) had battery backups, but there was no battery powered lighting in the stairwells, which also had no windows and were consequently pitch black. I remember that part well because I was going down the stairs to leave when it happened. The situation was straightened out before anyone was hurt, and now we have battery powered lighting all over the place. I think we also got out of the power generating business. The amount of money involved was embarrassingly small considering the risks.

I wonder if they have squirrels in Oregon?
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I'm pretty sure said slimy infosec person probably works at every employer
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Spoilers: Squirrel Girl will have five minutes on screen as a motivation for the events of Captain America: Civil War.
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I remember fondly the ongoing wars that Professor Ortmeyer had coming up with ways to prevent squirrels from arcing across a transformer. There was (and I bet still is) a testing facility near the woods next to CAMP with a baited transformer like contraption with a webcam to see what designs would work best to impede the ingress of squirrels into the top of a transformer and thereby disappearing in a whiff of electricity into smoke. I see he has developed other solution since I've been there.
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We had a 4-5 hour power outage Saturday (before the cold stuff arrived, thankfully) Close to 8,000 homes were dark. Rumor is, it was also caused by a squirrel, though it doesn't show up on the map.
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they're targeting personal businesses as well, if the one that took out the power where I work over the summer is any indication. it's not on this map though. minor ops or an agent that hit the wrong target? we'll never know now.
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I work in IT security. I love this. I'm not slimy I promise.
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Dogs have been aware of this threat for a long time.
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any word on the threat from Moose?
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"Eats Nuts. Kicks (power grid) butts."
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Not just a threat to wired links either. (SYTL)
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My neighbor Tim hates squirrels at the same level as most dogs. I mean rabidly and unceasingly. I never really had a problem with them and always thought he was a little over the top on the issue. Until this last holiday season. Squirrels chewed through 3 power units for my holiday lights. Finally only stopping when I wrapped everything up to the lights themselves, in aluminum foil. I suspect the foil is only a temporary measure as well.
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I knew that squirrels took out transformers, but wow: these little guys have deprived more people of power than Enron.
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Ok, I have to put a plug in here for my town and our numerous squirrel bridges and our squirrel fest. Ryan Stiles performed one night and asked people to yell out the name of a local festival. Many said "squirrel fest," which was not an expected response judging by his confusion.
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any word on the threat from Moose?

Moose plus squirrel equals beeeeg trouble, comrade.
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In the West, the big problems are eagles, osprey and other birds nesting on high voltage transmission towers. Just before they take off, they expel a large defecation stream that can cause shorts between the wire and the grounded tower. These are known as bird streamers, which you can read about and see pics in this PDF.
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(For the squirrels, of course.)
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When elect Presdident, Bird Bird will take care of the squirrel menace.
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Bird Bird has been warning us, as well.
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I'm still waiting on a sticker from them...
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And they're getting fatter.
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