61st Century Lip-Synch Man
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In the history of gag dubs, one of the earliesr and more obscure is a segment from MTV's Cartoon Sushi, Ultracity 6060, debuting in episode one. After the fold, all but one of its six or seven episodes, depending on how you count - one is an original parody.

Episode 1: No Lip-Synching (from Mobile Police Patlabor) (mirror)
Episode 2: Hirogani's Unstoppable Flatulence (from Genocyber) (mirror)
Episode 3: Planet Jackson (from Mighty Space Miners) (mirror)
Episode 4, possibly: Fast Driver (original parody by Nick Gibbons)
Episode 5: Food Court/Iria at the Mall (from Iria: Zeiram the Animation)
Episode 6: Bleep (from unknown)
Episode 7: Ouch My Eyes (lost episode)
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I immediately remembered the "No Lip-Synching" short when I saw the title, but I had completely forgotten the "Planet Jackson" short. Ah, the days of Cartoon Sushi and Liquid Television. Good times.

Now I'm off to find some Stick Figure Theatre.
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Well now I need to watch Iria again.
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Bravo for the post title! Looks like today's playlist is going to be heavy on the King Crimson.
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What's so amusing about these is that they're pretty much exactly the same thing folks like Carl Macek did to various anime series to construct Robotech -- which, other than Cartoon Sushi and Toonami, would have been the first introduction to anime that most American kids of the era had.
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My nerdy friends and I would often say, "Is it true about the lip-sync, Colonel?" whenever an anime we were watching conspicuously avoided showing someone's mouth while they were talking.
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