Every Screen Has Become a Graphical User Interface
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A History of the Cinematic Control Room 1971-2015 (SLYT) Forty years of computers and movies in ten minutes. Virtualization, remote control, simulation, real-time processing, networked computing ... what's not to like? Oh yes, also fingers hovering over firing buttons, and terrorism. 'Let's Enhance' is a shorter, funnier video about computers in movies.
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'let's Enhance' by MeFi's very own dunk
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Nice, thanks for posting this!

I've been enjoying the control room and computer interaction scenes in The Expanse; as well as some nice holographic-display graphics work they've put effort into designing and choreographing the actors' gesture controls of the interfaces.

If only life would imitate art more, though—I've been unable to watch the series online on its web site because something prevents the video of the show itself from running. Though as usual with that sort of problem, the lead-in video advertisement works perfectly.
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Cormac Deane is Lecturer in Culture and Media Studies at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dublin.

Here's his article "The Control Room: A Media Archaeology" expanding on the themes in this short video, from the journal Culture Machine.
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Yep. The crisis...has become normalised.
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Before I go watch, do they mention that the future is blue?
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