"This is William Shatner's world. The rest of us just live in it."
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"This is William Shatner's world. The rest of us just live in it." Warren Clements of The Globe and Mail on the Shatner phenomenon: "Shatner, who turns 71 on Friday, is in a golden stage of his career. . . . Shatner sticks his popular cultural head up more times than a target in a Whack-a-Mole game." No kidding. We sure do like our Shatner links here at ShatnerMetaFilter; here's another one for the pile.
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71? 71? I can't believe it...
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Not a Shatner fan, but following the link I learned about a movie made in 1965 starring Shatner (natch) and which is entirely in Esperanto!
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Shatner's pauses are...
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"It’s going to be a wild ride where
my daughter Lisabeth and I
interact with you as never before."

- williamshatner.com

Sounds kinky.
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I hate Star Trek, and all things Star Trek, but even I have to bow down before the self-aware hipness that is William Shatner. This man is a god.

A cool god, not the other kind that cries if you masterbate.
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Are you sure he didn't say, "To boldly interact with you as never before!"
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I apologize in advance for this link. And this one.
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I don't like the Shatner links. Just thought you should know that.
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I don't like the Shatner links. Just thought you should know that.
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Did anyone happen to catch Mind Meld, his video release of a chat with Leonard Nimoy where, apparently, he completely disses his fellow Star Trek cast members?
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"If a tree pauses in a forest, does it make silence?" - The Tao of Shat

Actually most people sell Shatner short. He has had three successful TV shows - something only a handful of living talents can boast. Star Trek, TJ Hooker, and Rescue 911. Sure, none of them are gonna win nobel prizes, but Star Trek has made its way into the Smithsonian - again something only a few living people can boast.

"I always use a stunt double. Except in love scenes..."

People say he's a bad actor, but he's a stylized actor. A character actor. So what if he uses pregnant pauses. You have to admit he's mastered that ability in a way that no other talent on the planet has.

"He said that Han Solo was cooler than Captain Kirk."
"Kick the little fucker's ass."

I think the world has failed to find Shatner's true calling. He belongs in a Broadway revival of The Fantastiks. Imagine Shatner as one of the fathers in that play. And his queer singing style would fit perfectly. Even at the twilight of his career, he'd be ideal. It's just that his ability is an aquired taste, and it's not as easy for him to find good roles.

"I'm not really here. I'm one of the top ten imaginary friends kids have. Just behind John Travolta, Reggie Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett-Majors..."

He used to fight his cult status but now he's embraced it, and in so doing has catapulted himself into a place of iconic standing. His body may someday fail him, but his legacy will live on as a symbol in the minds of millions - when someone thinks about standing apart from the crowd and being noticed, his face will be there.

Even those of us who think he's a jerk have to admit he's a talented jerk. He's a showman. A performer. He is an actor, but instead of hiding behind a mask and becoming the role, he coerces the role into becoming him. That's not an easy task to pull off with any measure of success. Though his efforts cause people to pause and double take and maybe even go "what the fuck?"

Shatner has achieved immortality. Again something only so many people in his field can boast. Groucho Marx. Will Rogers. John Belushi. Madeline Kahn. God forbid, there will come a day when he's no longer with us. When he passes away, there will be a cross between a mourning and a wake throughout the planet. I wouldn't be surprised if the public outcry outdoes that of John Lennon. Shatner's a big heart. One of the last outrageous talents who filled up both the silver screen and the boob tube with an ego that was larger than life.
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luser: "Incubus" is actually quite a decent artsy horror flick. Sort of surreal film noir with the odd dash of "boo!". And it's truly gorgeous to look at, beautifully filmed in really crisp black and white. It's out on DVD, worth a look for when you really...need...some...Shatner...speaking...slowly...in...Esperanto (although it sounds like he's making it up as he goes along). I like Shatner, he can laugh at himself (and, on Preview, ZachsMind is right, he's achieved immortality).
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And if you have not had the opportunity, you may want to try out the William Shatner Acting Simlator.
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