Her Story
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Her Story is a 6-episode new-media series that looks inside the dating lives of trans & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire & identity.
The show is co-written, co-produced, and co-starred by writer and One Billion Rising organizer Laura Zak and founder of The Trans 100 and We Happy Trans Jen Richards, and also stars Angelica Ross, founder of Trans Tech Social Enterprises. (CW: One of the side characters is hella transphobic, and there's smatterings of casual transphobia.)
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In the interests of clearing up any potential confusion, let me quickly note that this series is unrelated to last year's critically acclaimed interactive fiction piece also known as Her Story.
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Not to be confused with the excellent iOS game, Her Story.
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Just watched first two eps and love it! On to ep 3.
posted by Mogur at 4:34 PM on January 19, 2016

Just watched the whole thing in one sitting. That was really lovely. I'm so glad it exists.
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Super show ... my only complaint is that the episodes are so short !!
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Oh, dear god...how can there only be 6 short episodes. IT'S SO WONDERFUL. I need more.

It's not perfect, but in the queer TV show continuum....Please give these brilliant folks all the money.
K. Thanks.
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Just finished, sneaking it in between meetings and emails. Wonderful!
posted by Mogur at 11:52 AM on January 20, 2016

I am ready for season two now, thank you.

There will be another one, right?
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