amazing documentary
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amazing documentary about the children on both sides of the Israeli occupation. check it out if you can.
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Description is a bit misleading. The Arab children live in Jerusalem--I assume that means E. Jerusalem--and not in any occupied territory. This sort of attempt to bring both sides together has been going on for many years and I knew a woman who was deeply involved in such activities.
A film does, however, get much greater coverage and this is all to the good. If only grownups would listen.
posted by Postroad at 9:56 AM on March 19, 2002

No, Postroad, it is not misleading. Only one of the children live in East Jerusalem. Several children live in various refugee camps in the West Bank. I saw the film last night.
posted by aLienated at 10:03 AM on March 19, 2002

I saw the movie on some cable channel in Dallas atleast a month ago. Very interesting. Its amazing how kids are growing up in that region. On both sides there are kids who want peace, but have difference in opinion on how to achieve that.

While some kids are always ready to debate, there are others who wouldnt even see each other. There was this young palestinian kid who looked like he was ready to strap a bomb and blow himself up. And there was this fat Israeli kid (very Sharon look alike hehe) who kept reading from some Holy Writing, that the Israelis are given this land by God and they alone will have it. He seemed like the one wanting to kill every palestinian.

Then there were these other kids, who acted like normal kids, they had questions and pain in their hearts but they were willing to sit together, play together, and then introspectively discuss the issue in a constructive manner.

I recommend this documentary to any one who wants an insight into the thought process of people in that region.
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we've talked about it before, but it's still a great story, and the film is worth seeing.

adnanbwp, i think it was indeed hard to see that moishe and shlomo, the two religious israelis (one in jerusalem and one in the settlements in the occupied territories) weren't willing or able to travel to the refugee camps for the meeting the way that the secular kids did, but i think you have to contrast moishe's reading from the torah with other equally startling statements like when mahmoud says "the more jews we kill, the stronger the arabs will be."

i heard the other night from friends of the filmmakers that the twins are about to go into the army and that faraj's brother was recently killed. it seems hard to imagine these same children meeting up again in the way they did during the film, before the most recent intifada. heartbreaking all around.
posted by judith at 11:57 AM on March 19, 2002

The most powerful documentary-type project I've ever seen. I caught this on PBS in December and hadn't found anything on the web about it until now.... thanks for the link!

Promises is a stimulating and personal insight into the children who will inherit this centuries-old conflict. What will they do with it? Can reconciliation begin with this generation?

Filmaker B.Z.'s heart and hope is written all over Promises. Thank you for bringing us into the lives of these children, B.Z.

MeFites, if you get a chance, SEE THIS FILM.
posted by razorwriter at 11:57 AM on March 19, 2002

I either saw some part of this, or (part of) something on the making of it, a little while ago, too. Staggeringly good, and touching. There are many faces to this conflict, and this documentary shows you one of the more human ones. The kind of thing that makes you (well, me, at least) enraged and distraught at the same time.
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yeah, it's really good. better than hoop dreams! but like i've never seen 35 up or whatever before :)
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Saw part of this last night on CBS. It's amazing, you really must see it no matter what you think about the Middle East.
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