The McKnelly Megalith
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Megalithic Robotics is a recent class at MIT that resulted in a very interesting object: a 2000-pound megalith that can be moved with a fingertip.
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this seems a tad over-sold, no? that you can move things by rocking them back and forth, or rotate things balanced at a point, doesn't seem that shocking to me.

but maybe i'm not thinking straight. better have some more chocolate milk.
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The best engineering is not fancy and complicated, but stupidly simple and useful.
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We did this at the U of M a long time ago....
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Partially based on the work of retired carpenter Wally Wallington - here's a short YouTube sample.
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Wally Washington sells a DVD that I picked up for a gift a few years back. Dude does some legitimately impressive things. He had a 40 foot pole barn that he wanted to move a hundred yards or so, so he picked it up and moved it, in one piece, with hand tools and a bit of help from his son.
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I thought it was going to be a permanent exhibit at first, and was already mentally counting down until the first undergrads squashed themselves under it.
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Fantasy novels and movies are full of unrealistic versions of these things, where pressing a loose stone in the hearth causes a massive counterweighted stone door to raise, and then pressing another loose stone makes it close. Like most ancient technologies, it's all easier when you have teams of slaves, but there is some good engineering behind it as well.
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Also reminiscent of Coral Castle...
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