“The first website we made was www.MakeMyNudesFight.com.”
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Finally, courtesy of The Clickhole: An Oral History of Facebook. It features exclusive interviews with Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Sean Parker, identical river giants Cameron And Tyler Winklevoss, and many others.
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That started out so promisingly.

And it did not wendell.
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Mildly amusing until the Winklevosses showed up. Then it became amazing.

my brother yes my brother
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The format is brilliant: the italicized text under the pictures is 100% straight, making sure that people who only skim those parts pass it on.
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Totally naming my next sock puppet "furious boat clones"
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When Metallica murdered my son Napster, he screamed.
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Good in-a-nutshell description of FB's mission:

"Imagine a world where there are toilets in the middle of the street, and when you need to drop a Fearsome Brown, you march out into the middle of the street where everyone can see you, and if you’re a man, you reveal your Sickly Pendulum, and if you’re a woman, you reveal your Wacky Mystery, and you just sit there on the street toilet and drop your shame into the outdoor bowl for all to see, and cars honk at you while you do your problem. This is the sort of open, connected world that Facebook is striving to create."
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cackling gleefully, they paddled the rowboat very slowly across the floor, down the hallway, and out of a 12th-floor window

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You know, I had meant to get around to watching The Social Network at some point, but now I don't want to as it couldn't possibly be as good as this.
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I will personally give 100 (one hundred) dollars cash American, to the first Facebook employee to address Mark Zuckerberg as "Serpent Supreme, King of Computers and Prince of Warthogs" to his face in a work meeting.
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This is an amazing work of silliness. The Clickhole folks are doing a good job on this kind of on cumulative absurdity - gradually ratcheting up the silly, masterfully balancing references to earlier silliness, while skillfully interjecting new forms of silliness throughout the article.

If there is one line I can recommend, it would be Peter Thiel's comment at the end, "I’m currently the CEO of a startup called Ocean Car. It’s like Uber, but exclusively for car rides that drive you straight into the ocean."

If there are two lines, it would be these:

Divya Narendra: The Twins and I still want to steal Facebook back, but Sean Parker is always watching. As long as Sean Parker is alive, Facebook will be safe from the Winklevoss Twins.

Sean Parker: Always in the past I do it for Mark Zuckerberg. But I also do it for myself. And most of all, I do it for my wonderful dead son Napster, who was murdered by Metallica, the band with three good songs.

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This article contains numerous factual errors, but its coverage of the Nobel Prize in Economics is accurate.
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This article contains numerous factual errors

And several fictional errors too!
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Clickhole appears to be winning the Internet. Go team Clickhole!
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Today, the Internet was Worth The Trouble(tm).
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Wow! The Gift Gorilla himself!
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