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"I told her I was sick of reading about white boys and dogs" In the past year, Philadelphia native Marley Dias has successfully written a proposal for (and received) a Disney Friends for Change grant, served food to orphans in Ghana and recently launched a book club. Dias is 11 years old. Dias' latest social action project is the "#1000BlackGirlBooks" book drive. Frustrated with many of the books she's assigned in school, she confessed to her mother during dinner one night that she was unhappy with how monochromatic so many stories felt.
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Kids today!

(I love them and this is wonderful).

(For the record, I never liked Where the Red Fern Grows.)
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She is magnificent. May she lead all her classmates (and teachers) to a better tomorrow.
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She's an inspiration!
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Kids: Leaders of Tomorrow
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This made me remember great stories with black children as the main characters that I loved as an 80s kid. It turns out all of them were written by Virginia Hamilton.
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"white boys and dogs" lol, I would've said the same as an 11-year-old! I like dogs, but so many fucking dogs and white boys.
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