Actually, the An-2 is just like other biplanes, only there’s more of it.
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I guess all things are relative. 1000 HP doesn't sound like a lot to me, but I just looked it up and the Sopwith Camel engine was 130 HP. On the other hand, the engine in the F4U Corsair was 2000 HP.
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The plane is super cool and all but I'd be so much more impressed if these guys were flying it in Porco Rosso style sky pirate cosplay. I guess that says a lot about my priorities.
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God, that was riveting!
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What a neat plane! Kind of wish the article had included some video.
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If you're around St. Louis, you can visit one of these at the Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum and go inside. I took a gigapan image of the cockpit there a long time ago if you want to zoom in and see all of the controls up close.
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I'm afraid I have.
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The An-2 was basically the Soviet design that occupied an equivalent cultural niche to the DC-3. Yes, they made knock-off copies of the DC-3 (the Lisunov Li-2) as airliners and military transports—nearly six thousand of them—but the An-2 was a post-war design, originally conceived as a collective farm utility aircraft and crop duster. It held the record for the longest ever production run for any aircraft until it was recently overtaken by the C-130 Hercules: possibly a sign that the design was entirely optimal for the niche it filled.
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She pokes up two big fingers at the quaint notion that if it looks right, it’ll fly right− she’s living proof of the fact that if you pack in enough power, you could get Tower Bridge off the ground
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The prose is wonderful, it's so loving.
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Amazing read for a sleepy Sunday morning. Thanks for posting!
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That was a blast to read!
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Some video of taxiing and take off. What a beast!
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slipped the surly bonds of Earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings, not so much.

A very similar engine is in the Dromader, a much smaller crop duster. Unloaded, they're all noisy grunt and smoke, and can climb like the blazes.
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An-2 (Wikipedia). There's also an An-3.
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Gawd. That starting procedure.

I will never gripe about the starting procedures on fuel-injected Lycomings and Continentals again.
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