"The house is not a work of art, simply a place where one lives"
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The NYTs announces a new exhibit at the Austrian Museum of the Applied Arts on Josef Frank, architect and designer now best known for his surreal and wonderful wallpaper and fabric designs.

“Frank is one of the most underrated architects and designers of the 20th century,” said co-curator Sebastian Hackenschmidt. The NYTs article suggests that he was too eclectic for his contempories to appreciate. Frank designed houses and furniture. If you wonder how you might use his designs [without going blind], here are some examples. He cared about livability and affordability, but was ultimately disappointed in his career, which was disrupted by WWII. “It is not what I had imagined and what I wanted and would have been able to do, but rather only what I was able to accomplish under the circumstances,” he wrote in a 1948 letter to a friend. “When I look back it makes me very sad.”
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I'll just chime in to say that this is a wonderful museum. I went to school at the art academy that the museum is part of. If you're interested in design, their permanent collection is wonderful.
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