"Stop wearing Keith Haring shirts."
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I saw a similar vid a couple months ago on the same day I heard Senorita for the first time and damn talk abt yr cognitive dissonance. Vince Staples is a funny-ass dude, with such a light touch, who makes superdamn grim music. Great stuff! But almost airless.
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Not surprised that a homophobe like Staples would be down on Keith Haring.
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a homophobe like Staples

Now or with his older Odd Future stuff? Cause I know he did some really vicious early Earl/Tyler type lyrics with... Earl and Tyler. But he seems to have taken a turn for the thoughtful (or at least introspective) and I don't remember anything particularly homophobic in his music or in interviews since I really started paying attention to him.
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In fact I remember him sticking up for Frank Ocean and saying it's crazy that it's easier to get ahead in rap if you kill dudes than if you have sex with them. But I could have missed something.
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In his work with OMGWTFBBQ he contributed to a particularly nasty undercurrent of homophobia. It's nice that he's taking a stand against homophobia now, but I won't trust him until he disavows his previous work. Otherwise it looks like he's cashing in on social justice issues.
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OFWGKTA? Isn't OMGWTFBBQ something... else?
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but I won't trust him until he disavows his previous work. Otherwise it looks like he's cashing in on social justice issues.

What was it, 2010 when he worked with Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator and those guys? He was like 16, 17? I guess I just assume most guys are impressionable idiots at 16-17 and hopefully eventually grow up. He's 22 now. It seems a bit cynical to assume he's "cashing in on social justice issues" because he doesn't talk like a teenage edgelord anymore.
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I don't think he's cashing in or taking a stand beyond giving a casual opinion. I do think he's a very young dude who came up rough (much more so than Tyler or Earl) but is now starting to approach the world with less of a chip on his shoulder. And, while he's not exactly sui generis unless you have a limited background in hip hop - a rapper with an ambivalent relationship to his history of gang membership? well I never! - he's a compelling writer from a marginal milieu. But I wouldn't claim there's nothing potentially problematic in his songs and it's your right not to want to listen to them.
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k for real tho that shirt is fug
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Keith Haring shirts are dope don't be silly. He's right about Durant looking like a FOI dude.
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As the OP, I'll say that I'm a straight dude who is excited as hell for my Keith Haring shipment from MeUndies next month, and Westbrook is my favorite player in the NBA, but that shirt is tacky as fuck.
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but I won't trust him until he disavows his previous work. Otherwise it looks like he's cashing in on social justice issues.

And right behind you would be another person or group of people saying "you don't just GET to disown what you did before!", or that decrying it wasn't good enough, or whatever.

I honestly have some respect for "yea, i don't believe that now" and just not wanting to talk about past shit as i get older. Especially as someone whose had past stupid content/actions brought up against them and used as a club more than once.
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It's entirely possible to dislike Keith Haring paintings for reasons not relating to his sexuality.
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I could watch Vince Staples review things forever!

On the best fashion moments in hip hop history

On 20 years of GQ men of the year
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