Come on, let's go for flight over the dwarf planet Ceres!
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Look out the window and be sure you don't miss the neat stuff!

The images are from Dawn's Framing Camera (a German contribution), taken August-October 15, when the spacecraft was mapping the planet (excuse me, dwarf planet) from an orbit of 900 miles (that's 1,450 km to everyone in the world except Burma, Liberia, and the US)

What's up with blue patches of color in the image you ask? That's easy, these are false color images and the blue indicates parts of the surface that are young, while the greyer areas are older. Yep, those colors are mixed and matched like a drunk Genesis Device . SCIENCE!
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Thor sure worked that place over, forging it, huh?
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You can have your hoverboards and your jet packs, I am perfectly happy with a future that includes video of flights over other planets and photos of Martian sunsets.
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Come on, let's go for flight fight over the dwarf planet Ceres!

Desh tim detim mang im mowsh leva sif xox, Beratna.
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these are false color images

I'm having my doubts about the veracity of that audio track too.
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This looks...almost to fake to be real. Are those star fields in the background legit or were they digitally added?

That said, the folks working on The Expanse should have so new effects to play with.
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Fremen, that video is rendered. They took data from the pictures sent back by the satellite and created a 3D model of Ceres, and then produced that video by flying a virtual camera over the surface of the virtual Ceres. The starfield in the back ground makes is so that we "know" that the camera is moving, not the dwarf planet.
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Aside from being uncomfortable for any crew on the camera ship, the point of view flying around in tight circles at what must be hundreds of km/s leads to "that thing looks tiny for a planet!" on a scale I haven't experienced since Star Trek Voyager.

Quite the landscape, though.
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