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Welcome to, an interactive site that lets you explore the peopling of our planet from multiple perspectives – historical, environmental, social and political. It is about the 2,000-year journey of human civilization and the possible paths ahead to the middle of this century.
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here's another that goes back 160,000 years ago to the common era (previously); i'm curious about the super-eruption of mt. toba in sumatra around 74,000 years ago that supposedly caused a six year global volcanic winter and 1000 year ice age with a population crash to less than 10,000 people at the time and 5m of volcanic ash covering the subcontinent! (altho the 'population bottleneck' theory remains controversial apparently ;)
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Surprisingly few science and technology innovations in the years 1440-1840.

More importantly, in the land use overlay, what on earth is that big green blotch between Yellowknife and Hudson Bay that's been there since 1700, when almost all the rest of Canada is marked as untouched wilderness until 2001?
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Hail Malthus!
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Very nice, I've been wanting something like this.

Although apparently the black death occurred on new year's day, 1401.
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