‘Every single game now I go out to play for her’
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Thanks for posting! I've become a Bournemouth fan this year.
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I watched that match and read the Guardian's MBM at the same time. When the news filtered in about his daughter I was hoping that he would play well regardless of the result. That Bournemouth won and he was man of the match was a nice bonus. Normally I'd be supporting United but this is a lost season anyway so let the feel-good stories feel good.
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What a beautiful, if devastating, article. So much of the narrative around infant loss and stillbirth is centered on the experience of mothers -- I'm very grateful to Arter for being willing to talk about his feelings and his grieving, particularly in such intimate detail.
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I cannot imagine anything worse. I am grateful on behalf of everyone who is going to benefit from this article.
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I don't think I've ever read so much from a man speaking so transparently and so conversationally about crying that much. I realise that is not the point of this story, but to me it was very notable.
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Been there, did that. Good for him. Hope he comes to healing
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Sorry for your loss, Windowpaene. And for that of Archer and Rachel, and other parents with stillborn children.

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