Kumbali and Kago's First Snow
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Cheetah and dog play in the snow. SLYT, 1:43.

Kumbali and Kago live together at the Metro Richmond Zoo. (Via Richard Simmons's Facebook page.)

Previously: more dogs and cheetahs living together adorably.
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"I'm a cheetah, and I am puzzled by this frozen sorcery."
"I'm a Labrador, and I don't caaaaaare!"
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Cheetah: just minding my own business
Dog: I will fight youuuu!
Cheetah: thousand yard stare
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"I am Labrador....LEAF!...LEAF!...Cheetah!"
"I am Cheetah...I can kill you in 1.5 seconds...but SNOW!"
**Pummeled in the snow**
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It gives me the good feels, but I also wonder just how dangerous these things are for everyone involved. I assume the dog and cheetah know each other, but I find it hard to overlook the fact that cheetahs, even those bred in captivity, are wild animals. I'm sure the zookeepers know their animals, but it still seems just a claw swipe or neck bite away from disaster.
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Cheetahs aren't super aggressive; as I recall they are relatively delicate compared to other big cats so they don't usually want to tussle if they can avoid it. They've even been tamed as pets at various times in history (though never domesticated.) Notice that the human is also in there rolling around with them, and zoos are usually careful about that if there's any danger. Between that and the dog being raised as a littermate, I doubt there's signficant risk.
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Nice use of the masshysteria tag.
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Cheetah: This is pretty cool I guess
Dog: HEY
Cheetah: Pretty fun to lay in this stuff
Cheetah: Is that a hole in the fence over there?
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One of the Categories of entries at the Archie McPhee's store's blog is "the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship" with many an interesting odd couples, possibly the oddest involving "Timur, a goat who was intended to be live prey for Amur the Siberian tiger, but instead turned out to be the tiger’s new friend in his habitat".
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Humans have been using cheetahs in hunting since at least Ancient Egypt. They're basically just dogs in catsuits.
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Want more info on cheetahs? Oh, gosh, hurry hurry, ecologist Anne Hillborn has been posting on @realscientists for the last week and the cheetah* photos, facts and stories are GLORIOUS. (You'll have to go/scroll all the way back to Jan 24th to see a lot of the pics, but it is fully worth it.)

*and lion, hyena, etc.
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The best part of the video is undoubtedly when the dog pulls a Dug and deserts the cheetah in favor of chasing a leaf.
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I love the moment of the dog chasing the cheetah. good luck little buddy
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To get around this issue, researchers have enlisted the only other creatures that care as much about a female cheetah's estrus cycle as they do: male cheetahs.
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Of course...! Everyone knows furry critters and cheetahs love to play together!
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