Nah. - Rosa Parks, 1955
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Oh, my. I want these. I want every single item on that page. Thanks for sharing, joseph conrad is fully awesome.
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Aw, she left out one one of my faves.
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I would like a T-Shirt of Abram Petrovich Gannibal's family crest, because it is pretty bad-ass and the guy was awesome, or failing that, a book-tote with Alexandre Dumas on one side, and Alexander Pushkin on the other.
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A Shirley Chisholm '72 shirt, yes, badass, want. (My parents voted Nixon that year; I was busy being a baby at the time).
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As a secondary school teacher teaching 15-16 year-olds about Civil Rights, I once gave every kid in my class some photo-transfer paper to make a t-shirt of their favourite campaigner. None were as cool as my shirt of Rustin looking tired but hopeful, tie-askew, after the March on Washington.
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Rosa Parks deserves to be on the 20 dollar bill already. Let's do this! She's much more important than a t-shirt would indicate.
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