Final Whitewater Report Clears, Criticizes Clinton
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Final Whitewater Report Clears, Criticizes Clinton After 10 years, Millions of dollars spent and tons of political fodder, it's all finally over.
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"Although there was sufficient evidence to establish that some of the statements given by both the president and the first lady during official investigations were factually inaccurate, there was insufficient available evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the president and Mrs. Clinton knowingly gave false statements, committed perjury or otherwise obstructed investigations. . . . " the report said.

Factually Inaccuracy = good
Perjury = bad

Got it.
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Factually Inaccuracy = good
Perjury = bad

Sure, there's a difference between being wrong and lying. The report is stating that they were wrong, but there's not evidence to prove conclusively that they lied.

Get it?
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Clinton, now writing his memoirs on a $10 million book advance, has recently referred to the entire investigation as "bogus" and "garbage."

(Former Independent Counsel Robert W.) Ray called Clinton's comments a "sustained attack" on his office. Noting some of the 12 felony and misdemeanor convictions or guilty pleas in the case, he shot back: "By calling a duly authorized law enforcement investigation 'bogus,' the president impugns and undermines not just this office, but also courts, judges and juries who together have validated this investigation and the prosecutions brought."

Oh, you poor poor baby. Excuse me while I FUCKING VOMIT ON YOUR BRIEFCASE!!!

(Sorry, hasn't been a good day...)
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This is The Bullshit of the Right(tm). Factually inaccurate is not intentionally/knowingly factually inaccurate.
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This is another shot in the war that will not end.

First, you can always count on the Washington Post to find something bad to say about Clinton, and second, it sounds more than a little, um, shifty, for a prosecutor to say, in effect: We didn't bust him, but he's a bad man.

This was just something for "them" to do - go back to Clinton bashing - as GWBs number slip a bit as we head into an election season.

It all just wears me out, which I suspect, if it keeps me away from the voting booth, it's meant to do.
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nobody cares...
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I bet barney fifes bullet cares.
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Sexual scandal = interesting
Financial scandal = boring

I took an advanced U.S. history course in high school, and did quite well in it, so I presume at one point I knew what the Teapot Dome scandal was all about. Today, I couldn't tell you the first thing about it.
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