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How to tell time in 3 minutes or less.

Professor Scott Bug (Sc, Sc, B.RA, B.RA, B.RA, B.RA, B.RA) is the current vice-learnfellow in charge of Space at the Cosmolarium of West Shrubshirebrook in London on Hilldredge, Utah. He has been lecturing since August, 2015.

Other videos of his lectures:

Bewilderness of Scientifics (in chronological order):
Lesson 1: The Maaaybe Limit?
Lesson 2: Ocean fires
Lesson 5: Telescopes
Lesson 2: What is a universe?
Lesson 3: Mathies

Dr. Whistle B. Purt claims "brains are made of electricity." Do you agree?
You claimed dinosaurs caused the earth to spinsies. How do you know?
What's the most exciting aspect of cancer research?

He also has a twitter account.
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You may have also seen Professor Scott Bug's older series, Marvels of the Science:

Episode 1: Our Sun
Episode 2: The Rocks
Episode 3: Evolutions
Episode 4: Water World
Episode 5: Any Planet
Episode 6: Science
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In the tradition of Doctor Science and of Reggie Watt's Ted Talk.
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More about how time works at Moments of Wonder.
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That abacus clock trick only works in the Northern Hemisphere.
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It actually does work in the Southern Hemisphere, but you have to start it at the other end.
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No, the right side is correct for both hemispheres, but in Australia the time is 47. I have done the math.
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Australia is hardly the only country in the Southern Hemisphere. I know for a fact it doesn't work in Peru, although now that I think about it that could have just been the altitude...
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Of course it doesn't work in Peru. Not with that altitute it doesn't.
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