Even the title of the game was plagiarized.
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This is like a "Where Are They Now" from 2008!
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grabbingsand: "This is like a "Where Are They Now" from 2008!"

What the hell is a digg?
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That was long ago enough that I commented on the original thread (not long after I joined the blue, actually) and still didn't remember it.
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I remember this was really fun to watch (semi)live, because at first it was just "Hey you guys the border in this game suuuure looks a lot like the border in Oblivion" and then people kept finding more and more things from other games. It is by no means the best plagiarism, but it is easily the most plagiarism.
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Obviously, Limbo of the Lost is crap, but I like the idea of taking screenshots from games and mixing them up into something creative. You see it more with people making screenshot comics or machinima using assets from a particular game, but I'd like to see someone try to make something creative mixing together stuff from a whole bunch of games.
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As someone who always skips the inane, horribly-written dialogues in games, I kind of relate to the "blah blah blah" character falls asleep part.
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That ProbablyRichard review was terrific, especially the part towards the end: Theft aside, he talks about how this game was obviously a passion project, and unlike in the movies, you can spend a lot of time and energy on something and still have it be a massive failure, that there's no promise you'll uncover a superlative talent within yourself or that suddenly everything will click together at the eleventh hour. Sometimes it just doesn't work.
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