March 20, 2002
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In light of the passage of campaign finance reform, let’s see what political patronage looked like a 130 years ago.
posted by raaka (2 comments total)
Can you imagine a time when people actually worried that government jobs might be monopolized by an "educated elite"?
posted by jjg at 12:53 AM on March 21, 2002

McConnell said the bill unconstitutionally regulates political speech and shifts the flow of campaign cash from political parties to outside groups that operate under even less scrutiny.

i don't understand how buying influence equates to free speech. money talks? that seems pretty undemocratic to me! and it's dumb :) also, don't political campaigns have to disclose where they get their money from regardless? so how would they be able to operate under less scrutiny?

oh, and it bothers me that critics of campaign finance reform operating from within the system point out it's just diverting influence to less scrupulous groups without recognizing, or at least admitting, they're complicit as well if they accept money from such groups.

i didn't now how partisan our civil service bureaucracy used to be. thanks raaka! here's a nice political cartoon site, btw :)
posted by kliuless at 7:09 AM on March 21, 2002

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