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Vimeo user somersetVII has created 10 beautiful, masterful supercut videos. Coens | 30 celebrates 30 years of Coen Bros movies while Stanley Kubrick gets an appropriately moody and atmospheric tribute. Other standouts include Baseball on Film and Cinema: A Space Odyssey, which only a true fan of the genres could make.
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I don't even like baseball and that was still riveting. Thanks for the post.
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Cinema: A Space Odyssey was very nicely done. The rest of them give me something to look forward to on the commute this afternoon. Nice post.
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I think they are so good that any one of them could stand alone as an FPP. I found the Coen Bros video first and was going to sit on it until the current Coen Bros post was retired, and I was so happy to find there were more. I've watched them all at least twice.
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Wow. Gorgeous.
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I watched the baseball one, and started thinking, "I bet they only do the most popular ones, and leave out films like For Love Of The Game, or 61*" but no, they put in some even minor ones. Well done. And you don't even need the whole film (or even the right film) to get teary-eyed with the music from The Natural playing behind some epic baseball finish.
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I look forward to post-superbowl Monday every year - it's the beginning of baseball season as far as I'm concerned, and it begins with the ritual watching-of-the-baseball-movies. Love the baseball supercut - it's a perfect way to start the pre-season.
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I want a supercut of Adam Sandler phoning it in. Clip after clip of him clearly not giving a shit about looking like he should give a shit about the acting job he is supposed to be doing. Maybe it would be possible to find the point where he gives up any pretense at caring, which I assume he did at some point earlier in his career.

Admittedly I could just watch an Adam Sandler movie, but I would not like to do that. The point is for someone else to do the watching of Adam Sandler movies.
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I'm getting a little tired of supercuts but these are really well done. He(?) does a great job with match cuts, dissolves and multiple exposures and especially the audio. I usually roll my eyes at yet another Kubrick fanboy video on Vimeo but this one is so much better than most I've seen.
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