Federal Prisoners of New York
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In case you missed it, Humans of New York (previously) has recently been doing a series specifically on federal prisoners in the northeastern United States. The project is ongoing, but you can read the stories compiled so far, and general reactions to the stories, on the facebook page or instagram.
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I have been reading these on Instagram. The stories are heartbreaking. Amazing how powerful it is to read people's stories, in their own words. Thanks for the post.
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KALW has been doing something similar with the san quentin prison report: Live@SanQuentin - "On Saturday night, Dec 5, 2015 more than 200 people filled the pews of the Catholic chapel inside San Quentin State Prison for a first-ever uncensored storytelling event behind the prison walls. Together, inmates and volunteers, officers and staff gathered to hear stories about the all-too-secret, often misunderstood community that sustains each of them inside and outside the prison walls... this special episode offers the chance to hear the voices and stories too often silenced by imprisonment."
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The project juxtaposes people who were in a terrible spot, who never had a chance, who suffer unfairly under draconian sentences, with genuine sociopaths. It's a strong artistic choice, and it seems to give some of the Facebook commenters whiplash.
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HONY Facebook commenters love having something nice to say about everyone, so being faced with some of these stories where the subject shows no remorse for the crimes they admit to committing is really killing them.
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The comments on this one are just great.
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"Facebook commenters love having something nice to say about everyone": A phrase I've never read, and probably never will again.
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Can I just say how much I love HONY commenters? They are your one-stop shop to cheer up when the internet drives you to despair
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