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5th-grader Nigerian-American Ify Ufele channeled the bullying she got for her size towards designing and making Chubiiline, a line of plus-size fashion with African influences.
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You know how sometimes there are two words that just fit so brilliantly together, that regardless of context they make you stop? Bully Chasers. That's such a great name / handle. To say nothing of the context, or her dope clothes.

Also, Chubii. This is one of those rare instances where a modern re-spelling of a word completely works. The letters flow, the gives new ownership, and while it's clear where it comes from it is really open to where it could go.

Her patterns and tailoring look good, but I'm also really impressed with her branding. This is like a 10 year old's incarnation of Beyonce's imperative that black women take over capitalism.
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Cute stuff. That kid is going to make it big while the others will be envious.
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You go, girl!
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Flashbacks to Huskeroos?
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Walk around Harlem and you'll see that African tailors (and you can find many of them at the Shabazz market on 116th) know how to make a larger woman look not just good, but downright regal. So glad this kid has the clarity, so early, to bring this beyond her family and out to the rest of the world.

P.S. also WAX CLOTH ASDASDFAFDAFSDFDAS yes I know it has a complicated colonial set of implications but gawd the African tailors do such incredible things with it, African fashion is going to rule the world within a couple decades
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re: regal, see, to wit, also it's worth hunting for wax cloth tailors on Etsy if you dig
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This stuff is really pretty. Can you buy it anywhere that isn't a bazillion dollars?
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She's an inspiration. What a great mentality she has.
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I love this! beautiful designs, great girl, I hope she goes far. Also, yes, where can these be bought and do they come in regular little girl sizes as well as plus sizes?
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The talk of wax cloth made this memory resurface...
When I was in Bamako, I saw a gorgeous young woman on the street, she might have been a businesswoman, dressed to the nines. She was wearing pumps and a power suit made from (I'm guessing) Vlisco fabric. When she saw that her bus was about to leave, she made a run for it... and in order to make that easier, she placed her handbag on top of her head.
Running in business clothes, including a skirt and pumps, is no small feat. Doing that with your handbag on your head... mad props to you, dear lady. I'm pleased to report that she made her bus!
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Great to see young people making real, functional, creations and not being limited to expressing themselves through consumption. We need more trades and hand skills in school. For everyone, not just those being streamed away from university.
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Lovely! What a great kid and beautiful clothes.
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Can you buy it anywhere that isn't a bazillion dollars?

Emphasizing again: Etsy. Also, that it may well be worth it to see if there is an African district in your nearest city. The tailors in NYC do really good work at surprisingly decent prices. And more fashion vendors come out for Afropunk and Dance Africa, among other events.
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