The Tiniest Gallery
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The Tiniest Gallery "I like art, so I built a single-serving art gallery that features local artists and hung it on the fence outside my house. " [via mefi projects]
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Cool! We have this idea here in Madison too! When I lived by one, I would regularly walk the dog by it to see if there was anything new.
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Another small museum showing good original art is the Mµseum in Somerville, MA.
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Is it pronounced Mmuseum?
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It's pronounced "tiny museum" apparently.
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Davis square has another significant museum.
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This is the best thing.
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This is awesome, and reminds me of the little free libraries concept (previously), which has really taken root here in Vancouver anyway.

Sadly, it has been discovered that street-people have begun to raid the books from them, in order to sell them on the street. (I am ambivalent about this myself, my feeling is that if they need the money that much, then who am I to begrudge them?)

Which raises the sad question, what will prevent this from happening to the art, and is this really a concern?
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An elderly couple down the road from me built a small shelter for their new recycling containers. A couple of days after the shelter was up a painting was hung in there. So now I have a brief look at the painting every time I got to the local store or to work. It's not great art but it brightens up the neighbourhood.
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Which raises the sad question, what will prevent this from happening to the art, and is this really a concern?

It looks like the art gallery is locked. Unlike free libraries which rely on people being able to access the books, the art gallery doesn't need people be able to get at it.

Though the FAQ does mention it has been vandalized.
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Shepherd put this up because nearly every neighbourhood is chockablock with Little Libraries, but there is no art. And considering he loves art, this is his way to sharing that passion with others. People in our neighbourhood are quite pleased by this.

It has only been vandalized the once so here's hoping it doesn't happen again!
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Aw, thanks, everybody!

Yes, it's padlocked -- mainly because people are entrusting me with their work, and my chance of collaboration is higher if the artists involved don't feel like their work might get picked up in a few seconds. My friend James Duncan has been doing a project called "Left Art" for quite a while in Montreal, though, where he drops 4"x4" watercolours at random locations around the city for people to pick up.

The vandalism... the kidding-not-kidding joke I made to somebody walking by as I was fixing it up was that the most disappointing thing was that vandals didn't even take the art, they just ripped the door off the box. We live in a neighbourhood that's at the more genteel end of gentrification, so I have a considerable amount of sympathy towards the longer-term residents that have seen the area change around them, and this might have been a manifestation of that, a bit.

It's been mainly great so far, though; lots of people are stopping by and artists are now starting to spontaneously contact me to sign on, which is a huge validation of the whole project.
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Cute idea, I'd like to try something like that.
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Brings to mind Art Basil in LA.
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New up: "Nope!" by pop artist Chesty Wilson.
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