March 22, 2002
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"In the end, we will need to give up any lingering fantasies of a color-blind Web and focus on building a space where we recognize, discuss and celebrate racial and cultural diversity. To achieve that goal, all of us -- white folks and people of color -- will have to shed the defensiveness that surrounds the topic of race." So says Henry Jenkins in a Technology Review article on Cyberspace and Race. On the Internet, nobody knows you're oppressed?
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Tonglen means "taking in and sending out." This meditation practice is designed to help ordinary people like ourselves connect with the openness and softness of our hearts.
Cultivating Compassion in Difficult Times, Shambhala Publications. A sort of annotation, if you will.
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Interesting corollary discussion starting up at SxSWBlog
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Boy, for only three comments so far, you all posted some interesting links--a very nutritious thread! I hope people are reading it.
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