Unbound: A ★ InstaMiniSeries
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In the Fall of 2015, David Bowie gave us unique pre-release access to the music from ★ (pronounced ‘Blackstar’), his 28th studio album, allowing us to create our own visual interpretations of his songs, with no limits or preconditions on his part. Completed in December 2015, UNBOUND: A★InstaMiniSeries takes the audience on a journey of evocative images inspired by the moods suggested in the album’s music, lyrics and artwork. Each episode of the series is sure to capture the imaginations of all who experience it and will undoubtedly lead to endless speculation and discussion of meaning, metaphor and intention. We are honored to have had this opportunity and hope you'll join our 16 episode series, premiering February 25th. New episode every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
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That clever fucking bastard -whether or not he actually ever saw the finished product. it's like he's his own ghost.

Unbound: A ★ InstaMiniSeries stars actress Patricia Clarkson and Rookie Magazine founder Tavi Gevinson

Yeah, I screamed more than a little bit at this part, and I'm not even going to pretend to be ashamed.
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Oh, nice. ★ is a hell of a final working.
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Where the fuck did Wednesday go?
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I feel like Unbound won't be the last surprise.
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Remember that Tony Visconti mentioned that there are five more tracks from David Bowie, that Bowie demoed and sent to Visconti after ★.
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It's already making me crazy. Why Feb 25 to start it? With a 4-a-week, 16 episode schedule, that doesn't even make sense when it comes to the calendar.
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Annie Lennox sounds just so pissed off about Bowie's death. This is a sentiment I appreciate, and her eulogy touched me deeply. Lorde was pretty outstanding, but I had to focus on the band playing behind her, as they were Bowie's Band for ages.
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Episodes can be found here. First episode -- lots of subtle things going on, not much going on.
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Elders React To David Bowie
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hippybear: “Elders React To David Bowie
Thanks for this. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.
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“David Bowie Tribute from The BRIT Awards 2016”—BRITs, 25 February 2016
Watch the full David Bowie tribute from The BRITs 2016. Annie Lennox and Gary Oldman pay moving tribute to the late, great David Bowie as he is honoured with a BRITs Icon award. Bowie's band are joined by Lorde for a performance of 'Life on Mars'.
P.S. This is the same as above, but all together and all YouTube as opposed to the Facebook version of the Lorde performance.
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Well, we're 10 episodes into this now, and the main word I can use to describe the experience is "Lynchian".
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