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Sandra Bae covers Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" on guitar.

There's more good stuff on her YouTube channel, most of which I haven't yet seen myself. (I discovered her while going down a rabbithole of Baba Yetu covers on Sunday.)
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awesome. nice way to start my Tuesday!
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Ironically the studio version of "Don't Stop Me Now" didn't have any rhythm guitar and only May's solo.

Even though in the video clip May is clearly seen playing rhythm guitar.
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That was really cool and impressive!

In college my roommate was drunkenly bouncing around to "Don't Stop Me Now" in our (very small) dorm room and got a little crazier than seemed safe. My girlfriend and I tried to calm him down, at which point he picked up a camera and recorded a maybe thirty second video that began "This is my Confession" and which included him saying "I was dancing, Don't Stop Me, and they stopped me" with a look of betrayal and confusion.

I was worried about him, but I understand, you really shouldn't stop someone during that song.
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Enjoyable cover, but shall I call her Ms. Fahrenheit?
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She is clearly very talented but I still prefer this guy wait for the drop... ;)
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So great! I browsed across this little bit on instagram. That's just great. Mike has to be somewhere nodding his approval.
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Her arrangement skills are really impressive.
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I wish we were neighbors, so I could just listen to whatever she felt like playing that day.
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She did it justice.

It really was the best Doodle.
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Love her little smile at 0:40 when she nails the first transition. It's such an awesome melody.
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So much of this is impressive in so many ways, but the part that truly amazes me as a hobby guitarist is that she does this with her left hand's nails so long.
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I knew a guy at college who used to play this on guitar at parties while wearing only a thong.
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Lack of coffee filter: My brain kept insisting that the post title was "Samantha Bee covers Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' on guitar", and I thought, damn, is there anything that woman won't do to promote her new show? And then I clicked on the link, realized I needed more coffee, etc....

This was great...but I kinda think watching Samantha Bee cover it would also have been great, especially since she probably can't. Probably.
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Oh, my. She's very good. Gets the Tommy Emmanuel imprimatur, too.
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>Oh, my. She's very good. Gets the Tommy Emmanuel imprimatur, too.
Funny, I was just going to comment on how much this sounds like a Tommy Emmanuel arrangement -- he's obviously a huge influence.
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Goodness, her Moon River arrangement is sublime.
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Where is she hiding the extra hand with the extra fingers? - y'know the ones she obviously needs in order to make those sounds with a single instrument. o.O
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Thanks for the post... pretty impressive musician. Her rendition of Clapton's Tears in Heaven (which is particularly meaningful to me) is beautiful as well....

There's something about a young artist covering old favorites, knowing that another generation is appreciating those parts of my life that is especially heart warming...
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