My images investigate America.
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"Coming from a background in Political Science, I find the rapid changes in social structure unique to this country an abundant source for creating pictures that stand as visually and historically interesting."

In PhotoArtMag, the photographer John Sanderson (whose project Railroad Landscapes was exhibited in the New York Transit Museum) describes his work as "a counterpoint between the documentary and the poetic."
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These photos are beautiful. America, its run down rural slums, the open fields and piled ruins, the abandoned mystery and majesty of even the meanest places, takes my breath away. For a place so large physically and mentally, even it's dull attention to me as an individual can't do enough damage to blunt the raw affection I have for it. I hate you, sometimes, America, but then I see your wild, wide open vulnerability, and I can't help but love you again.
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Wow, those are remarkable photos.
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I walked through a lot of imagery like this in 2014. People make a big deal about the opportunities in Detroit amidst the partial collapses there, while the same kinds of opportunities exist all over the country where human and physical resources are going wasted. The country is ripe for a renaissance in localization, kickstarted with infrastructure repairs and upgrades.
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I caught his show at the NYC Transit Museum. The images are really large. Catch it if you can. Simply beautiful.
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