No vestige of a beginning,–no prospect of an end.
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An excellent short video from the British Geological Survey about Siccar Point. In the spring of 1788 James Hutton set off with John Playfair to the Berwickshire coast. They took a boat trip from Dunglass Burn east along the coast with the geologist Sir James Hall of Dunglass. In the cliff below St. Helens, then just to the east at Siccar Point they found what Hutton called "a beautiful picture of this junction washed bare by the sea", now known as Hutton's Unconformity, the birthplace of modern geology.
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That is far and away the coolest thing i've learned today!
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This is really, really cool.
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Sweet, a post about Bad Religion's song, No Control.

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Oh, I guess they borrowed that line.
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I'm not the type to watch videos when there are articles to be read, so I read the articles. The one with the picture that showed exactly where one kind of cliff-face ended and the other began and then explained why... after my brain stopped exploding, I quit reading the article and rushed back to the video, as the video does this and then layers on the history of science itself. With cool accents. NICE.
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You can read more about James Hutton in The Man Who Found Time by Jack Repcheck. I was a bit disappointed in the author's frequent recourse to "Hutton would have" and "Hutton could have", and "it is tempting to imagine Hutton ..."; but that's what happens when you're trying to write a biography of a historical figure who hasn't been well documented.
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Oh God, you're such a kidder.
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"The mind seemed to grow giddy, looking so far into the abyss of time. "

This happened to me in the Valle Caldera in northern New Mexico. It helped that I had my geologist SO there to explain the molten bubble I was but a scratch inside of..
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