The Art of Manhole Covers
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You're walking on art in France , Seattle [1, 2, 3], Minneapolis, Moscow, Brisbane, Japan [previously], and elsewhere all over the world [1, 2].

Manhole cover art, previously: [1, 2, 3]
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This is very cool, thank you.
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I have taken snapshots of manhole covers on vacation and closer to home: many of those humble, heavy things are really pretty!!
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Wellington manhole covers are legit awesome imo
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Vancouver [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
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More pics of Minneapolis manhole covers.

My personal favorite is the one that says: YOUR PRECISE LOCATION IS: N 44°58'37" W 93°16'42". KNOW WHERE YOU ARE, BE WHERE YOU'RE AT.

(Checking the location, it looks like it's no longer accurate... I last saw it at the bus stop by City Center, a few blocks away.)
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New Orleans
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Kamloops, Calgary, Victoria (Only enameled cover I've seen)

neckro23: "Checking the location, it looks like it's no longer accurate"

Probably just a different Datum.
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Are those brass ones actually manhole covers or are they monument/valve covers? Because I'm totally surprised a chunk of brass the size of a manhole cover hasn't been stolen.
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I don't see Neenah Foundry imprinted into any of these. I thought it was, like, God's rule that every manhole cover came from the Neenah, Wisconsin Foundry. I think it's the last steel that is produced in the US.
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BLASPHEMY! Neenah Foundry is garbage foundry! True Americans recognize the eternal superiority of the East Jordan Iron Works in East Jordan, Michigan.
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Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour Party, is a fan.
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Manhole Miscellany
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My absolute favourite place to go when visiting London these days is Novelty Automation in Holborn - a tiny little art gallery /games arcade full of brilliant satirical coin operated games built by Tim Hunkin. If you haven't been yet you have a massive treat in store for you when you do.

Last time I was there I got chatting to the lady who runs it and it turns out she has her own separate business as a cake designer... and her current speciality is cakes inspired by Victorian coal chute covers. You can see some of them on her website.
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I took this photo with an iPhone 3GS. I think it might be the best photo I ever took.
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I could not find a good link online; was recently staring lovingly at the Exploratorium infrastructure hatches which are lovely and manholish. It's there a more gender neutral form? Several for the access below says Wikipedia but just plain manhole cover in truly a best-of entry. See that word enough time and it makes you loopy: man hole.

One of the links contained a triangular valve cover the blogger was trying to ID. I thought dang, we got those, though I could not recall a time when I had last seen one. I think I noticed every one in my path today.

I was gonna be like "yeah, but SPQR is awesome," which yeah, but also strangely ubiquitous.
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