Your Revolution
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Your Revolution by Sarah Jones. Alternate version with production by DJ Vadim.

Sarah Jones demonstrates her Tony award winning chimerical ability in a pair of TED talks [1] [2]
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I love how she basically turns rappers' words against themselves. Those words that deserve it and that only care about the satisfaction of desires. Or, in short, those that are indifferent to anything else but their egos. Also love the DJ Vadim version and the whole album, USSR: Life from the other side. (The album has, again, a different version of Your Revolution.)

Your revolution makes me wonder, where could we go
If we could drop the empty pursuit of props and ego
We’d revolt back to our Roots, use a little Common Sense
On a quest to make love De La Soul, no pretense

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One up for Vadim. Sarah Jones. Blue Rum.
One Self - Children of Possibility. USSR Trilogy. Listen.
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