This feels too much like the late 80s/early 90s
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Independent Lens documentary Wilhemina’s War [55m30s]: AIDS is one of the leading causes of death for black women in the rural South, where living with HIV is a grim reality. In Wilhemina’s War, Wilhemina Dixon, her daughter Toni, granddaughter Dayshal, and her 92 year-old mother, all the descendants of sharecroppers, live in South Carolina. Wilhemina cares for Dayshal, 19, who was born with HIV.
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Not available outside of the US, unfortunately... but the trailer along with some related videos are available on Youtube (at least for me, here in the UK).
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Seriously, seriously enraging.

The director set up a gofundme page for Dayshal.
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Powerful, and, yes, enraging stuff.

Nikki Haley has a lot of deaths on her hands due to her own lack of action. Right now, after viewing that doc, I can't think of a better example of today's Republican party.
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I seem to be blocked here in Canada too bUT am intrigued by this. And saddened. And enraged. 80s/90s indeed
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