A Virtual Cycloid Drawing Machine
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A web version of this machine. Curiously relaxing.

In case you don't have the $900, or you need one right now.
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Satisfied with epitrochoids and hypotrochoids?
Pay a visit to the wax-museum bargain basement:
Hoot Nanny No. 1 Vintage Drawing Design Toy [YouTube]
Magic Designer Vintage Spirograph-like toy [YouTube]
Spirograph [YouTube]
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I bought a Spirograph last year, originally as a Christmas gift for either my niece or nephew, depending on who turned out to be harder to shop for. I then reckoned that a thing that renders cycloids with pen and paper might not go over big with the Xbox One generation, so I held onto it. Great decision.
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Wayne's youtube review from the OP was a pleasure to watch. Such a smooth, relaxing, and yet emphatic delivery.
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I need this as a screensaver.
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But can I count on this to reverse the rise in gang activity?
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I love the web version. I clicked on the letters, getting new gears. Then I clicked on the gears, and moved them around the page and made them bigger. I could erase and start over. I could accelerate the drawing by pressing the buttons near play. Well hello Friday night and virtual spirograph.
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Agree that the review was very nicely delivered. The figures were beautiful.
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This is a great post.
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This is fantastic. Does anyone know how complicated the math is to calculate the position of the pencil at any moment? I mean, is it just algebra with a term for each spinning wheel or would you actually need calculus to figure it out?
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This was built by my coworker, who does all sorts of interesting things (twitter).

The blog post about this app and collaborated with Joe Freedman, who created the physical machine, is also good.
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great_radio: Just trig, I believe. Here's a video that derives Spirograph math.
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Does anyone know how complicated the math is to calculate the position of the pencil at any moment?

I had one of those Magic Designer toys when I was a kid. I had a lot of fun with it. A few years back I wrote a software emulation of it. It took some trig. I remember having to look up the law of cosines. But no calculus was needed.
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