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Boat plans collected by Svenson from assorted 50s and 60s magazines such as Mechanix Illustrated free for download. Sailboats, Hydroplanes, Ski boats, Cabin Cruisers, Rowboats, Houseboats, Runabouts (inboard and outboard), Paddle boats, Utility boats, Novelty boats and other information. Also free model airplane plans.

And finally "Mom's and friends" seafood recipes.

Bonus content not hinted at by the title: a complete collection of Nikola Tesla's patents.

The boats previously.
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on model plane plans: i just realised you could use one of those laser cutter things and make yourself a pre-cut kit from a plan.
is that common practice? i've been trying to think of a use for one ever since a shop opened up locally.
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I haven't done it personally but it would be ideal. One of my long term projects is a designing a teardrop trailer kit (1:1) where all the curvy pieces can be cutout with either a laser cutter or CNC router.
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What, and miss out on all the cut fingertips and sawdust? X-acto perdition!
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