Here's the Jump Cut/Cross Cut/Smash Cut
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Rocketjump is fascinating to me. I've watched Freddy and crew make entertaining videos for years and years, all while steadily proving that the desktop video revolution is very real because you can see them learning to improve their craft over the years.

They went from jokey videos of freddy playing guitar hero to complicated FX demos, and all the while they showed how they did it, affordably, using techniques that teach good habits and theory instead of one-off easy shortcuts.

Now they're a kind of gaming media powerhouse that, if you're not of a particular age group or youtube demographic, you might not have heard of. But they have a staggering fan base and their Video Game High School series is mind blowingly successful.

And the whole time they've been teaching what they've learned as they've learned it.

As a video professional within their industry I'd be jealous if I weren't too fucking impressed to bother.
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Now they're a kind of gaming media powerhouse

Ah, that explains the name.
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If anyone's looking for more, Chris Roman's Storyboarding the Simpsons Way is a short, visual pdf with useful notes on transitions, framing and screen direction.
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The production values on his are through the roof and I learnt concrete things about editing.

Thank is for sharing OP.
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These were pretty cool, but I kept editorializing my dad calling me jackass and idiot into them.

That and since I'm old school, I still say "Tape Speed".
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Great resource, thanks for the heads up!
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Also check out Every Frame a Painting.
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