No two days exactly the same
March 8, 2016 1:09 PM   Subscribe : a community for community managers : "If you manage an online community and would like to learn from other community managers, this is the place. Built by community managers, for community managers, and completely free. Come here to ask questions, share challenges, and network with fellow CMs." From Mefi's own gone2croatan (Community Manager/Co-Founder). via MetaFilter Projects.

A bit more from the Mefi Projects post:
"Obviously if you're on MeFi, you dig online communities. If you're lucky enough to manage one (either for a living or as a volunteer), here's a place where you can learn from other people.

"It's free to join and participate. I just want to get plenty of new blood in--people who use different platforms and who are facing different challenges. And I trust MeFites to be the smartest and most discerning when it comes to online communities. Right?"
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